Quite a few people think they need to be able to speak French to survive in France, but English is the most common language in the world after all. It is widely spoken and often referred as a world language. Mastering it will save you a lot of trouble wherever you are.

If you want to brush up your English, I will be happy to help you. All that you need is a strong motivation, and I will arrange your lessons in a way that you can learn the language thoroughly from the basics. As for children, it is also a key subject for their academic success. I’m always excited to give lessons to motivated students!

Some of you may say the best way to learn English is to have a native English speaking teacher, but what if you can’t understand what he explains? The way we, Japanese, understand English is different from the way they do. It is more constructive that you enjoy conversation with a native speaker after building up your English skills to some extent.

I know what is difficult and what explanations you expect, because I have the same way of thinking as you. I hope I can be of any help to you!


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